Final Expense

If you are worried that you will be turned down for a life insurance policy, you do not have any worries now. ??We have both??

Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance & Whole Life Insurance policies.

We also have Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policies, no matter what your health status is currently, you will not be turned down. ??You are guaranteed to get approved for a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy.

No Medical Test, No Blood work, No urine samples, No Physical.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Same day issue

Underwriting is Fast & Easy:

Final Expense Life Insurance can be used to cover any of the following

Do you or someone, whether a loved one, a friend, another family member or someone that you have heard of that passed on without having life insurance or funds to cover their funeral expenses and other expenses associated with passing on, including medical bills not covered by insurance, estate transfer costs, and any debts associated with your estate.

If you take a few minutes to contact us and get the planning in place, all the financial grief that family members go through from not having the financial matters in place can be avoided.

How do you want your family and friends to honor & remember you?

Let’s ease the stress your loved ones will experience by creating a plan to focus on what’s important–you and your wishes.

Emotional Benefits

Your family will feel a burden lifted from their shoulders by having planned and prepared in advance. ??By having the financial burden taken care of prior to either an expected or an un-expected passing, this emotional time is much easier for family members in not having to stress and worry about how to pay for the funeral and all other expenses.

More Time to Consider Your Options ??? You and your family will have time to research your options and make well-informed decisions, without feeling rushed.

A Sense of Accomplishment ??? You’ll feel good knowing that these arrangements have been taken care of.

There are fewer family concerns – Your surviving family members will have less to worry about when you pass away.

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