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We provide unique insurance products that cover both personal and contracts for high limit amounts for the entertainment industry that is not offered through normal (local) insurance agents.

The entertainment industry has a large variety of risk management exposures that requires a special approach and expertise. Actors, musicians and entertainers can not obtain adequate insurance coverage from traditional carriers. Film studios, record companies and event planners rely on the abilities of their top performers to generate revenue that are vital to their success and producing revenue.


Example of coverage

We designed a personal disability policy for one of Hollywood’s A-List actors earning in excess of $15 million per film. The policy would pay him an aggregate benefit of $55 million in the event of a disability. To adequately cover his affluent lifestyle, the policy was structured to pay $500,000 a month. If after 60 months the actor was deemed permanently disabled, he would receive a lump sum payout of $25 million to cover loss of future earnings.

A famous recording artist was preparing for a worldwide concert tour to promote her top selling debut album. We secured a Non-Appearance coverage for her management company. The coverage protected her from losing potential earnings if she had to cancel a tour appearance due to death, illness or other unexpected events.

Entertainment industry

Celebrities, Actors, Movie Stars, Professional Musicians, Production Staff, Movie Film Key Role Models.