Emergency Travel Insurance

Emergency Travel Insurance Benefits -??MASA Assist

Emergency Travel Insurance

In case of Death – What will you or your family do in the unfortunate event that either you or a family member were to die away from home?

Key Membership Benefits:

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Each MASA member receives a Membership Card.

Platinum Membership Cards

MASA Assist members will receive permanent MASA Membership cards in their??membership kit.?? The MASA Assist service moves into action with a single toll-free phone call by the member, a family member, physician, or medical personnel.?? The person placing the call need only supply the member???s name and membership number, which can be found on the MASA Assist membership card.

We have a 24-Hour Emergency International Dispatch hotline as well as 24-Hour Worldwide Customer Service.


MedFlash????is a Personal Health Record with 1GB of storage that provides crucial medical history to medical personnel on your behalf in the event of an emergency.It holds your personal medical and lifestyle records and can be used with complete privacy.?? MedFlash will store your prescription information, thereby reducing the potential for drug interactions and medicine errors.

Designed to hang conveniently from a key-chain, the information in the emergency medical record (EMR) storage unit is immediately accessible by the treating physician or the member???s advocate in a medical crisis.

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