Insure My Life Right, LLC is an independent insurance agency.

We represent multiple insurance companies. Each person, each family has a different need for their insurance coverage. Each insurance company has different specialties.

Because we represent many carriers, we have more options with better choices for our clients. As a broker, we have many different choices for the clients that we serve.

Our goal is to find the right solution based on each client’s needs. Our commitment is to help each client get the right coverage that best suits their individual needs, for some clients it’s saving money on their policies. For others, it’s getting the right coverage based on their set of circumstances.

Many people don’t know they can get help them with more options than from the insurance companies they applied through or agents they’ve worked with have turned them down.


Our team members have experience in the insurance & financial industry to help you with your needs and goals.

Our team members are able to help, no matter the complexity of the transaction. Whether you are an individual, family, business owner, professional athlete (any sport), professional race car driver, movie star or whatever your situation, we can help you with your insurance needs. We are confident we can help each person with all of the products and services that we have available for each situation that is available.

Who we serve:

Types of insurance we offer: