What’s Next after a Quote


After Getting a Quote for Life Insurance What’s Next?

Getting the life insurance quote is not even half the battle like many people believe it to be. There is much more that must be done before any kind of life insurance policy is made active and providing the protection that you require. You need to be prepared for the whole process, as it can be a bit long and drawn out. It does not have to be stressful if you understand what is going on but it will take a while that much is certain. Once you have gotten the quote from the life insurance company you will need to start making arrangements to set up the entire policy. This can be done in many ways including online, over the phone or in person depending on your personal preference. Be prepared to answer the host of questions that will be coming your way to help make the process go a lot smoother.

Once you have the quote in hand and you have decided that you like the premium payments they have stated you need to begin working with the life insurance company more closely. So the first order of business is to contact the company and inform them that you would like to activate the policy as outlined in the quote that you received. It is important to note here that the life insurance company is not bound by the quote and it is given as a baseline for you to go by and not a statement of the actual amount that you will be paying. The company will first need to verify the information that you provide to ensure that you are who you say you are.

The information that you provide needs to be completely true to the best of your knowledge. You are bound by laws when you make statements on an application for life insurance which carry stiff penalties for false statements that are made. Then there is the matter that the life insurance company would have the right to deny the claim should any of the statements that you make turn out to be false. This is all very important and you should be completely honest when filling out the application.

The process of obtaining life insurance is a bit long but it is of the highest importance to make sure that you are protecting those that you love should something happen to you.

The application for a life insurance policy is long and can be a bit complicated. This is why you should be working closely with the agent that is assigned to you. They have the knowledge of what needs to be included in the application and how you will go about processing the whole thing. This is very important as a complete application is vital to speeding the whole process up. An incomplete application can delay the processing by months.