Application Process & Time Line


Once you have applied for life insurance or disability insurance, which you can do this either online or over the phone with one of our Insurance Professionals. We strongly recommend speaking to us to discuss and confirm your goals match up with the correct choice of coverage and the right carrier.

After the application process there are a few steps.​

Medical Exam (for most life insurance, disability insurance over $4,000 a month in coverage & Long Term Care policies).

Once your application is submitted, you will receive a phone call that you can anticipate getting a phone call that will be 2 to 15 minutes with some questions that only the applicant can answer and respond to.

You will have a visit from the Paramed (nurse) for a routine examination.This can be done at your home, your office or a location that you meet with the examiner.?? This usually requires 15-to 30 minutes.?? In some cases, an EKG may be needed.?? For some policies, a physical stress test can be required (usually for high dollar amounts of coverage and for over the age of 60).

Life Insurance is not for the individuals who die, it's for the Individuals you Love who Live!​

Medical records may be required.?? Depending on the answers to the medical questions on the application and from the Paramed examiner and pending on the age, amount of coverage the APS will be ordered from the carrier.


Once the outcomes of your health check are obtained by the Insurance Organization it usually requires them around monthly to underwrite your program.


Once your program is accepted, the Insurance Organization then prints out your plan. This phase usually requires 2-3 times.

Once your plan has been printed by the insurance provider, your plan is sent by email to your brokers who will evaluation your plan to make sure everything included in your plan is appropriate. After we get your plan, we evaluation it to make sure that all the details is appropriate and we email it to you.


The overall schedule from your program being taken to enough time your plan goes into power is around 45 times. You can be sure that our knowledgeable group will do everything on our part, to facilitate this procedure.

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