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If you would like to explore the possibility of saving up to 30% and as high as 60% on your health insurance costs with a private health insurance plan, you may be able to save big on your health insurance costs.

Many people don't realize there are options to the "Market Place" health insurance plans. So what are the details on Private Health insurance plans?
First, the Financial Savings: The average savings with private health insurance plans is a savings between 30 to 50% on the monthly/annual premiums compared to marketplace plans (Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA or Obama Care plans).

Why is this?
Government plans have a pool of people that are not only healthy but many unhealthy people. People who are unhealthy typically cost more for the insurance companies to pay out for medical care. This turns into a higher likelihood of hospital stays, surgeries, prescriptions from Big Pharma, emergency room visits, etc... Many people go to the emergency room thinking that the hospital the government or their insurance company will pay for it. Emergency room care is the most expensive care there is. This is not a free service. Someone has to pay for their care. So unhealthy people, emergency room care, and care that is financially bloated costs everyone more money than they realize. Network of Coverage: Your coverage of medical care is better, our coverage is the largest PPO in the nation, all 50 states with our private health insurance plans. With the marketplace plans, coverage is typically limited to the state the plan is written in. Out-of-pocket expenses With our Private Health insurance plans, plans have a much lower out-of-pocket expense than the marketplace plans. Marketplace plans typically a high deductibles and high co-pays. Our plans have a no-co-pay for in-network and out-of-pocket expenses are very low and minimal. When can you sign up for health insurance?
With Market Place Palns (ACA / Obama Care) plans, you are only allowed to enroll during either Open Enrollment each year or during a special qualifying event in your life. You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you’ve had certain life events, including any of the following:
Losing health coverage, moving to another county or state, getting married, divorced or legally separated, death of a family member that caused you to lose health insurance, having a baby, or adopting a child, or if your household income is below a certain amount, turning age 26 & losing coverage from a parents plan, not being incarcerated from jail or prison, becoming a legal citizen, Leaving the service from Military to separated from service. Private health Insurance plans that we offer do not have open enrollment periods. You can enroll in our health insurance plans all year long. Marketplace health insurance plans do not have medical underwriting. No matter the health of someone, you can get coverage.
The downside, each year since the Affordable Care Act went into law, the cost of health insurance has been increasing. Health Insurance companies did not know what to expect for payouts in 2013 when the ACA was enacted into law. Slowly the premiums have been increasing.
Now certain policies are being cancelled. Why, because the health insurance companies are having to increase their balance sheets to pay for losses (claims). They are increasing benefits by canceling plans and requiring a new policy to be elected with much higher premiums and higher out-of-pocket expenses. How is private health insurance underwritten? We require medical underwriting. This is good for costs and premiums. We have a pool of healthy people nationwide.
This keeps our premiums low as the carrier has a much higher likelihood of not having as high of payouts for high-cost medical bills in comparison to health insurance plans that are linked to the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Market Place). Private Health Insurance plans are not for everyone. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that is uninsurable, then coverage through the marketplace may be your only option. If you are pregnant, or expecting to become pregnant, then a private health insurance plan is not for you. If you are in good health or better, you will have better health insurance, and better pricing than with a marketplace health insurance plan. If you have signed up for another health insurance plan, you can explore the possibility of saving 30% to 60% on your health insurance plan (both your premiums and your out-of-pocket expenses).

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