Athletes Disability Insurance


There are strenuous demands on the body of elite athletes that can end the earning ability in a blink of an eye that requires unique insurance coverage to protect an athletes income & future earning potential in their short time span as a professional athlete.

Whether you are the athlete or the athlete is your client (you’re the agent) or the athlete is your son or daughter is a professional athlete or a college athlete that is??ranked high on the stat board, draft board or leader board, a high limit disability insurance policy only makes sense to protect all the years and dedication that will allow the athlete to benefit from being eligible to qualify for a high limit disability insurance policy.

We only provide coverage to professional and the top college athletes. ??They are not for just any athlete. ??Not any college athlete will qualify just because they want to get a policy. ??Our underwriters make the decision if an athlete will qualify based on who the athlete is and where they are on the top national draft board(s).

For current professional athletes, protecting current and potential future earnings and non-guaranteed contracts critical. ??Baseball, Basketball & Hockey have guaranteed contracts. ??These sports it is critical that in the last few years of a contract and prior to signing a new contract or for certain positions (ie. a pitcher) will require and make sense to have a high limit disability policy.

In football, with the non-guaranteed portion of a contract, if the player gets injured, his non-guaranteed portion of the contract goes out the window and the only one that wins is the owner of the team. The owner is like the house in Vegas, they win all the money. ??But if the player has in place a high limit disability policy, they will get 60% of their non-guaranteed portion of the contract and possibly a percentage of future earnings depending on the age of the athlete.

Coverage to protect Contracts for the Teams benefit

Contract coverage is also available for teams or sponsors looking to protect their most valued players and contracts.


See the FAQ’s & details on the disability coverage for athletes:??

??Here are two (2) case study’s of athletes that had a disability insurance policy (Names cannot be provided for privacy policy purposes)


A young baseball player in the last year of his first professional contract was soon to become one of the league’s top free agents. If injured in the final year of his current contract, his future multi-million dollar contract stood at risk. Our principals secured a $10,000,000 personal disability policy that would pay him a lump sum payout in the event of a career ending injury.


A professional basketball team was looking to protect the guaranteed contract made to a key player. Since the team’s obligation to the player was immediate upon signing the contract, Interim Life Protection was required. We offered an alternative solution by securing an additional $20,000,000 of Failure to Survive coverage for 90 days while the life underwriting was completed.

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