Final Expense Insurance, It’s a matter of love for your family

Do your parents or grandparents have a final expense policy in place? If not, they ought to. The benefits of having a final expense policy if far worth everything for you & your families sake.

Many people think they are set by having a term life insurance policy. ??The same??people feel they have enough money in the bank and don’t need to have a final expense plan (final expense life insurance policy) as they’ll pay for not just the funeral but for any other associated expenses and bills out of pocket. ??If you have an unlimited amount of money, maybe you do. For the average family and person, you want as much money as possible to be available for your spouse, for your children and grandchildren to take care of everything that you want funds to go towards so life is a little easier on them.

For the vast majority of people, relying on??your children, your sibblings or another family member to pay for your funeral, any debts you have with your estate, any medical bills that insurance does not cover is just not ??a solution to leave to others. ??More people are strapped for funds than ever before. ??More families are living paycheck to paycheck. The average amount of non-mortgage debt is a minimum of $10,000. ??When kids have this debt and are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s not an easy task to not only come up with funds for a funeral but to also have funds to pay for any expenses associated with the estate of that individual.

We know from experience that this is not just a good ??idea but rather it is wise to actually have either??a final expense or at minimum a pre-need funeral plan ??in place for each person. ??My wife and I have lived through this in life with her mom not having any life insurance, nor in having a final expense / funeral plan in place. When you want your parents to have a dignified funeral that they deserve and to be taken care of after the many years they took care of you, the least that can be done is to have them represented the way they deserve.

As easy of a choice as it is to do this, it is also a financial strain on the children that are making these choices.

I have met with family members that have had to shoulder the financial burden of their sister having just passed away and the financial burden it is when they are living pay check to pay check and they can’t afford to meet their own bills because of this, it’s a strain.

The love that is shown for your family by planning in advance and having the financial burdens lifted by preparing in advance is worth more than words can say. It’s an act of love that will be remembered for generations.

Some people don’t qualify for a regular / standard life insurance policy so they don’t have a choice with what kind of life insurance to go with. ??There are only about 15% to 20% of those that apply that may never get approved for a final expense policy.

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