Smokers Life Insurance


If you are a smoker, a ??tobacco user or you are around a smoker with 2nd hand smoke and you’re looking for life insurance, we have options for life insurance coverage to help you.

We represent multiple life insurance carriers for smokers, tobacco users, cigar users, chew, snuff or any type of nicotine.

Different insurance carriers have different pricing structures for smokers and tobacco users. Some go back only for the past 12 months, some carriers go back 3 to 5 years for tobacco users.

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Is it possible to get life insurance for being a smoker?

Second Hand Smoke for Life Insurance

There are many individuals that don’t smoke themselves and when they apply for life insurance that are told they are are classified as a smoker. ?? This typically happens when they have a??family member that is a smoker and they in turn get classified as smoker.

Some carriers will be more lenient to the non-smoker that has second hand smoke (2nd hand smoke).

Some carriers are more liberal in their pricing for Second hand smoke for life insurance.

If you are looking for life insurance and you are exposed to second hand smoke, we can help you get the best terms for life insurance, whether you are looking for term life insurance or whole life insurance or universal life insurance for second hand smoke.





Nicotine Gum




When you are applying for life insurance, you’ll be asked if you use any nicotine products or not, including smoking habits. You’ll be asked if you’re a daily smoker, a social smoker or an occasional smoker. A daily smoker is someone who smokes every day. A social smoker smokes on special occasions or when out with friends; maybe just a few times a week. An occasional smoker smokes only in random situations, usually once a month or so. All smokers pay higher rates for life insurance than non-smokers. Discounts may be available for those who are not daily smokers, as they pose less of a risk to the insurance company.

Smokers are more at risk for such things as heart disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease than are those individuals who do not smoke. The life insurance industry regards the following as tobacco products whose use may lead to you incurring higher insurance premiums.

If you are able to go 12 months of not smoking, we can re-evaluate and adjust your life insurance rates to a non-smokers rate.

We’ll get you covered with life insurance.