The hit that ended the career of NFL star Russell Allen of Jacksonville Jaguar’s

Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen thought he had his bell rung against the Bills in week 15 last season. ??He played through the injury and double vision, but two days later found he???d suffered a stroke on the field. ??A dead spot in his brain means he???ll never play football again.???
– Robert Klemko

In an interview with Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated, Allen provides a powerful first person account of his injury, the reaction of his family, and his hopes for future players.

When The Game Goes Dark – by Robert Klemko

Young star athletes, celebrities, and successful executives all too often feel they’re invincible.?? As advisors, Russell Allen’s story provides a stark reminder of how each and every day we get on the field, it’s our duty to educate clients on the importance of disability planning; their financial future depends on it!

Disability Insurance for Professional Athletes

Russell Allen’s Career??

Allen was a true success story in the NFL. ??He went undrafted out of San Diego State in 2009, and was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Jaguars. ??He became one of two undrafted rookies to make the team after camp. ??In October of 2009, he started the first game and went on to play all 16 subsequent games of the season.

Following a great rookie year, Allen signed a 3 year $6M contract with Jacksonville in March of 2012 and played great in 2012 and 2013. ??On April 17th of 2014 he was released by the Jaguars for a failed physical and on April 22nd he retired. ??Allen never missed a game in his career until the final two following his stroke.

The future for Allen is now uncertain.?? He still has problems with picking up handheld objects, and general coordination, though doctors believe these difficulties will subside over time.

The Financial Loss

Russell Allen was scheduled to make a base salary of $1.975M this season, with a signing bonus of $416,667, and miscellaneous bonuses of $525,000; he would have made $2,916,667 this season alone. Another stellar season this year would have put Allen on pace for another deal/contract (potentially a multi-year contract) from a team who needed competition at the Linebacker position or solid back-up. ??The Jets recently signed back-up Garrett McIntyre for one year extension carrying a $645,000 salary.

There???s no question Russell Allen is missing out on significant earnings. ??When working with MVP athletes (or VIP executives), the high limit disability solutions that Insure My Life Right offers to players are tremendously important.?? We provide income protection, and more importantly peace of mind from financial exposure for athletes and their families.

Undrafted out of San Diego State, Allen (50) caught on with the Jaguars and played in all 64 games over five seasons until his career came to a screeching halt with one hit that changed his and his families life with a play that he never thought would happen

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