Additional benefits Long Term Care Benefits -Available with fixed indexed-annuities.

We offer Indexed-annuities & fixed annuities from top rated insurance companies.

Any of the following types of accounts are eligible for transferring funds into an annuity:

The length of time of an Annuity ranges between:

Bank CD’s, check & savings account, Money Market Accounts, & some other accounts

It is a contract between an insurance company and the owner of the funds. The insurance company uses the funds to invest in multiple methods of safe haven higher returns.


Insurance companies are very safe. They are required to have more cash on hand than banks are required to hold in the bank.

Insurance companies have re-insurance companies to protect the backing of the insurance company. This acts as a back-up/stop-loss for the insurance company.

Insurance companies also have the department of insurance that acts as an additional backstop for insurance companies similar to the FDIC for banks.


Are you looking for a “Safe Haven” for your funds as well as “Higher Growth” potential than traditional fixed assets? Fixed-In

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